Particulate Monitoring

The Haz-Dust™ family of particulate monitors,  offers a wide range of real-time aerosol instrumentation, designed for your specific application. Our products rang from the low cost, hand held, Haz-Dust respiratory Particulate Monitor (model HD-1100) to the more sophisticated ambient monitor for 24 hour sampling, the Environmental Particulate Air Monitor (model EPAM-5000).

No matter what your application, EDC has an instrument that will exactly fit your air monitoring requirements. We also offer customized manufacturing and calibration to fit specialized applications.    

Environmental DeviceS


  • EDC
    Home : Environmental Devices Corporation is a manufacturer of scientific instrumentation specializing in real-time monitoring of airborne particulates.
  • New EPAM-7500
    Home :

    EDC announces the next generation of HazDust monitors model EPAM-7500.

  • Dual PM sensor capability
    Home : The HazScanner HIM-6000 can now be equipped with 2 PM sensor to monitor simultaneously EPA PM10 and PM2.5.


Gas, PM & Met Monitoring

The Haz-Scanner™ family of real time air quality instruments provides direct readings and data logging capabilities. The Haz-Scanner™ can be configured to provide up to 12 simultaneous critical air quality measurements, all in one easily portable, battery operated, instrument.

The Model HIM-6000 is a completely self contained ambient air quality monitoring system designed to identify, measure, and document  hazardous air quality parameters.

The Model GB-2000 is a portable, indoor, environmental air monitoring station designed to measure critical parameters for indoor environmental assessments.

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